Monday, September 13, 2010

Online Advertising Agencies

Online advertising is different from other forms of advertising, since its distribution channel is different. The advertising space on World Wide Web is more interactive, spontaneous, impressive and appealing to the prospective customers. However, the success of an online ad depends largely upon the active participation in it. The web space is sold to numerous webmasters in the form of advertisements, queries and promotional advertisements that are offered to public at large. The online advertising is one of the most emerging domains in the coming times and its past phenomenal success has already come up with a strong and positive impression.

How online advertising agencies perform? These agencies offer specialised services to their clients at an affordable price and since the Internet delivers an idea to a large audience within almost no time, the advertisers benefit from the services of these online advertising agencies. This is the main reason behind the evolution of Online advertising in the recent times and can also be evident from the fact that more and more business organizations', nowadays, are allocating their budget keeping online advertising in mind.

In an advertisement network, publishers display banner ads and get paid for it by the advertisers. The ad serving, placement and rotation are organized by the online ad agency. Marketers are now aware of the benefits of associating with an online advertisement agency. They have started utilizing their interactive and cost effective services. These services also include design and development of innovative and vertical specific banner ads. The banner ads are developed in various forms these days, which can be a Traditional, Skyscraper, Rectangular, Square or Button.

These ads are strategically placed across the online ad spaces. This placement depends upon keywords used by website, its analytics or in short, its capability to come up on SERP. Now, such an extensive and effective advertising helps the marketers to create a demand for their product. It also ensures that the marketer's brand gets a better position and equity in the market. It means that brands owned by SMEs can compete with big brands of leading industry players.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Search Engine Optimization Marketing

Search Engine Optimization Marketing or SEO for short is the process of improving incoming traffic to a website from Search Engines. This can either be done naturally or organically. Most people will tell you that Search Engine Optimization is the KEY to building a great website, and honestly I have to agree. You can have the best products, the best website, or the best tools, but nothing beats having a website or web page that is optimized. Optimization has mainly to do with targeted keywords on a website. The better your keywords are the higher your ranks will be thus the more people will find your site when searching on a site like Google or Yahoo. Of course the keywords should be relevant to content on your site. For example if you have a website about cars, then you would want to include keywords about cars. Also be sure you have a clear and concise idea of what your site is about, putting a good keyword filled title will also bring people and search engines to your site. Don't over do it though, let everything flow naturally.

Another large part of Search Engine Optimization is building your site so that its user friendly, this includes link building, rich content, and "clean" coding. There an age old adage I like to follow when making a website or writing in my business blog, and that is "content is king." If you write good posts or blogs or put good information on a website, people will start flocking to your site more and more often. The main reason for this is the words your using aka the keywords. Again, don't force it, if you force it and make it look like your writing just to get traffic people will more often than not, be turned off by this. Write about something you have a passion for, something that comes to you easily. Remember with better content comes higher ranks which will bring more people to your site. A few other ways to market your websites through Search Engine Marketing or SEM are included below:

Write a small description about your web page including some relevant keywords, through Meta Tagging.

If your site allows "tagging" when writing a blog or post, add a few relevant keywords about that particular blog.

Make sure your navigation system is user friendly.

Submit your website to several different search engines by using the "Submit Url" option. With Google it usually takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few months for them to actually add your site, but in the end it will be worth it. Theres a multitude of engines out there, take your pick, or pick them all.

Lastly, Promote! Promote! Promote! Theres a billion different ways to promote your website online through ads, classified sections, AdWords, bulletins, groups, links, etc. The tips above were just a few key ways to bring more people to your site and to optimize it.